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April 2, 2020 by MadDeez
Greetings everyone, I hope everybody is safe and healthy. These are difficult times we are facing. Please follow the advice of the noted philosopher Samuel L Jackson and Stay the F*ck At Home! Be safe, everybody! I've attempted to install the Oranda Cursor set which was released many, many years ago with only bad luck. Will it be updated to have compatibility with the upcoming release of the new Cursor program?
September 8, 2014 by MadDeez
okay, kiddos, here's the deal......whenever i attempt to run CFX on W8.1 when using the metro start screen, the cursor vanishes. i know some people have said to use a workaround, which i can't remember at present, but i don't want to use a workaround. i've installed and uninstalled CFX numerous times to attempt to remedy the issue with no success. i've even formatted and reinstalled winders 8.1 again and the issue reappeared. any advice not including a workaround, uninstallin...
March 7, 2014 by MadDeez
I've read articles listing changes to the OS included in the next major update to Windows 8 and it seems at least one change mimics a feature of ModernMix, namely pinning Modern (Metro) apps on the desktop taskbar. Once this major update is released next month, will ModernMix and the update work together nicely or will ModernMix need to be uninstalled?