will they?
Published on March 7, 2014 By MadDeez In OS Customization

I've read articles listing changes to the OS included in the next major update to Windows 8 and it seems at least one change mimics a feature of ModernMix, namely pinning Modern (Metro) apps on the desktop taskbar. Once this major update is released next month, will ModernMix and the update work together nicely or will ModernMix need to be uninstalled?

on Mar 07, 2014

Our plan is to release an update to ModernMix for 8.1.1 before that is officially released in April.

There are some people using leaked builds of the Windows update and I am afraid they will encounter issues until we release our update, but that's the price you pay for using unreleased software,

on Mar 07, 2014

Thanks, Neil. That's what I was hoping to hear.