Published on December 11, 2011 By MadDeez In Object Desktop

I finally got around to installing a larger SSD this morning and instead of cloning the old 120 to the new one, i elected to do a fresh install of Winders and all my apps. Well, it seems most things installed just fine but when it comes to installing and using my premium skins form the Stardock Store, i get an INVALID PRODUCT error when entering my email addy and the 'serial number' to activate the skin. This applies to Windowblinds skins, since I have yet to get to the Dreams and IP themes. 

Also, i really detest not being able to have my WB skins on a secondary platter drive instead of the SSD. There's no excuse for the end user to not be able to store the skins where he/she wants to. The same goes for Cursor FX themes. 

Anyway, any help regarding the INVALID PRODUCT errors will be greatly appreciated. 

on Dec 11, 2011

Sound more like the WB install has gone bad.

I've never had to enter any info when installing -any- kind of skins, not even premium skins.

Tried reinstalling WB, Sir Pasley?

on Dec 11, 2011

I've not run into that error message so can't help you there, but as for storing the skins & cursors where you'd like, you can.  Just download them to a location of your choice.

At least until the new Stardock Central is released.  Then I'm betting you'll be able to designate a default installation directory of your choice within SDC.

on Dec 11, 2011

How are you installing them?  If you add them manually through the WindowBlinds program, does the same thing happen?

on Dec 11, 2011

okay, folks, i installed WB for the third time and things are now operating as they should. well, as they should but for the fact i want the skin on my O drive instead of my C drive. thanks for the input, folks. 

frosty, i hope you're feeling better and all is well. 

on Dec 11, 2011

As far as I know, the skins now must be in the Windows public documents folder for WC to pick them up.

I seem to recall that once upon a time we were able to pick a different location/folder for the skins.....

Doing just fine, now, John. Had a bit of a runin with an infection, picked up at the hospital, during my stay for the operation which caused my wounds not wanting to heal properly. Now 5 weeks after the operation they still aren't fully healed, but getting there. Should be ready for a splendid christmas with my girlfriend and our two boys. (First one together in 6 years)

on Dec 11, 2011

an infection

I knew it. Grrr.