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Here we go again, folks. Any help you may provide will be greatly appreciated. As I stated in another thread, I installed a larger capacity SSD over the weekend and instead of cloning the 120 over to the new one, i did a fresh install of Windows 7 and all my apps. I'm having a problem with WB that I was having with it before and it's quite aggravating. On a cold boot or a restart, DWM is disabled.....every time! I can either use Tweak 7 or open WB Config and hit the "APPLY" button to enable DWM and all is well. With DWM disabled, all transparency in the WB skins is gone and Neil's Winter Snow dream fails to load. Once DWM is enabled, transparency returns and the snow starts falling on Vlad's NOEL Christmas tree. The following info from the "About WB' area may be relevant:



WindowBlinds version : WindowBlinds 7.3 (build 310 - Windows 7 Edition) - 64 bit OS

WindowBlinds is installed correctly on this PC
WindowBlinds appears to be activated on this PC
(LG L246WP(Digital)) 1 is attached to AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series

Wblind.dll 2011/10/17 11:18:20
Wblind64.dll 2011/10/17 11:18:48
Wbsrv.dll 2011/09/26 15:10:56
SevenConfig.exe 2011/10/13 17:33:52
Wbload.exe 2010/10/20 16:08:35
Wbhelp.dll 2011/10/04 10:01:37
Tray.dll 2009/10/23 20:12:19
Wbload.dll 2010/06/07 15:59:25
Screen.exe 2010/06/07 15:59:43


I'm using the latest Cat drivers from AMD/ATI for the twin 6850s. 

Yes, I know I can continue to easily enable DWM every time I boot into Windows but I shouldn't have to. I thought a fresh install of the OS, drivers, and apps would eliminate this issue but it didn't. HHHEEEEELLLLLPPPPPP !!!!!!


on Dec 12, 2011

John, I'm thinking you should pm yrag with this.... sorry for the trouble you're having and wish I could help.... I did find this which may help?

Your Local Services should look like this:

Bet yours says "Manual". To change it:


on Dec 12, 2011

Hey Doc! I had already checked that. Asking Gary is a great idea. I will do that. Thanks


on Dec 12, 2011

Did you install AMD Desktop Fusion???

If you did, that could really be the culprit.


So... could it be a boot sequence timing issue? I hate to suggest malware, but that's a possibility (not high on the list). More likely a screwy install of W7 on your SSD. Did you align partitions correctly?

Try running chkdsk /f /r on your SSD... in the meantime. I think sfc /scannow is part of that... if not, you can run it afterwards and it should fix any corrupt Windows System files missed by the chkdsk. Run both from the elevated command prompt...


on Dec 12, 2011

Can you check the event log to see if there is a fault or something else causing the issue?

on Dec 12, 2011

hey zubaz. i'm working with yrag on it now. there is something about a windows installer error. i still think it has something to do with wb. i can remove wb and everything is fine. reinstall it and dwm is screwed up. 

on Dec 13, 2011

well, it seems WB can't be installed onto any drive other than the system drive after all. i wanted to install it on a secondary platter drive instead of my SSD. yrag suggested installing it on the SSD and DWM is enabled as it should be.  why oh why can we not install WB and its skins on a secondary drive? please, neil it would make a great Christmas gift. 

anyway, i want to express my gratitude to all who made suggestions. they were greatly appreciated. now, where's my pizza?

on Dec 13, 2011

C'mon. You gotta be kidding. Pizza?

In HG's tummy already.

You gotta be crazy to mention it. He's got the world wired!

on Dec 13, 2011

Glad It wasj figured out.

on Jul 06, 2012

well, it seems WB can't be installed onto any drive other than the system drive after all.


Aha! Maybe THAT'S why WB stops working constantly! I'll have to try a new reinstall(again)except place it on my system drive.

I'll see how that goes.

on Jul 06, 2012


Just let it install where it wants. We've seen endless posts about it not working any other way.

on Jul 06, 2012

Just let it install where it wants. We've seen endless posts about it not working any other way